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​Current Fishing Report for July 20th, 2017 #2

​​This year will take me on a “new” sport fishing adventure one that I will work very hard to be successful at. A few weeks ago I launched my website Connor Sabo Fishing Reports. I have begun to post fishing reports for the whole northwest region of BC which will include just about all of our beautiful rivers, streams, lakes and oceans for all 5 species of Pacific Salmon, Trout, Dolly Varden Char and Steelhead. Ocean out of Kitimat, Stewart and Prince Rupert will include Salmon, Halibut, Bottom fish plus Dungeness Crab and Prawns. I will be reporting on all four seasons but my main focus will be spring, summer and fall (prime Tourism period). In winter I will be Lake Ice fishing and River fishing for wild Steelhead.

I will be promoting my sponsor products and business by taking pics, doing write ups, giving demonstrations and shooting videos. My GOAL is to give a major push to promote Tourism that our fabulous fishery brings year after year. If you are interested to purchase an Ad or Sponsor me, please contact me anytime. I have teamed up with Noel Gyger who is a legend in this area. He is retired now but still loves to help anglers get into fish; it’s in his blood. Your Ad will be fully promoted by both of us on both our websites for the price of one. Check out the reasonable prices on my Advertising webpage.

Some anglers wish to hire a fishing guide and ask for advice and info; I can help with that. Please keep in mind everyone is welcomed, guided or non-guided. I will be promoting the best places to buy souvenirs, tackle, camp out, eat and sleep. If you are interested to book with the best fishing guide please check out my Guided Fishing webpage.


Kalum River winter Steelhead from last year. I was casting a Rvrfshr spoon rigged with a Sickle Siwash hook. My dog is looking at the Steelhead rolling on the other side of the river. Guiding on this river is limited and can be guided only from April 1 to October 31. If you are interested to book a guided trip please contact me anytime.


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I took advantage of the great sunny weather were having and decided to go hit the river! We launched out of Fishermans Memorial Park. I decided to stay in town where the fish start to slow down as opposed to down lower on the river when you are focusing on the runs pushing through!

We got to the bar and casted the rods out, there was a few other boats around us which is always nice to see if any fish are being caught, sure enough an hour later a boat down the line hooked up and landed a nice Chinook. We were shortly after as my buddy caught a beauty 18-pounder and not long after the same boat as before got another!

I saw another guy I know show up across the river. So I called him and had a chat said not much was going on there. After a couple hours of him being there I see him run to the rod and set the hook on the fish of a life time!! It was only him and 2 other guys over there and of course they have no net and I didn’t know how big it was at the time!

After 5 minutes of watching this I knew it was big so I jump in the boat and whip over there with my net and get below the fish. It was another 10 minutes after I got there before I was able to get this hog into the net. It was quite the challenge in itself!

We got it on a spring scale and it ended up weighing 51-pounds. Definitely a Fish of a life time!

Same set up as last week was used Trophy XL with an Ambassadeur 7000 reel, 40 lb mono with a white pinkpolka dot spin-n-glo!

Current Fishing Report for July 11, 2017

Bait 2 go

​Current Fishing Report for July 20th #1

Connor Sabo Fishing Reports

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It's finally July 15th opening day for Chinook on the Skeena River, It’s definitely been a very long month for me and I’m sure hundreds of people felt the same way. Of course I thought it was going to be crazy around town being a Saturday and opening day but I was surprised as I was heading out it was quite the opposite!

I decided to go to lower Skeena near the Exstew River and took a couple friends out to a bar to test our luck! My friends started to plunk away with a basic bar fishing set up and I decided to go up to a riffle and cast my Pieroway switch fly rod with a system two reel and within half hour I lost 2 sockeye and one pink. I was persistent though and kept swing away and eventually picked up 1 spring being 66cm and one smaller jack!

The Chinook fishing on the bar rods was fairly slow. Lots of small jacks and trout however at the end of the day we lost a fish near the shore that was pushing the 25-30-pound mark and my buddy also caught a very nice steelhead!

It was just great to be back out on the water nonetheless. The bar rods used with a Trophy XL with an Ambassadeur 7000 reel 40 lb mono with a white pink polkadot spin-n-glo. The fly was tied with materials from Skeena Waters Fly Shop. It is definitely the place to be for all your fly fishing needs make sure you check out his store when you come to Terrace. Francesco will set you up right!

connor sabo

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Finally in 4 more sleeps the Skeena is open to fish Chinook, I along with many people have been waiting for this day to come for about one month now! Everyone was forced to stay off the Skeena which is unusual so we found other ways to keep sane!

I was able to sneak away on the ocean a couple times but the weather has been fairly windy and makes it hard for my little boat. I also have been preparing for the upcoming season and that means time to tie a few new flies. Below are a few pictures of some flies I have tied which will be good for everything swimming in the Skeena!

Materials I used to tie these flies were some polar chenille along with assorted colors of marabou which I picked up from Skeena Waters Fly Shop. Your best location to pick up any fly fishing gear you need! At the best prices!

For fishermen coming to town for the opening and need a nice place to stay and eat I highly recommend Best Western Terrace Inn. They have special prices for fishermen! For more info contact them directly at 1-800-780-7234 (US & Canada only) or 1-250-635-0083