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Fishing Gear Rentals
At Skeena Waters Fly Shop, you can rent professional and well-maintained fishing equipment at reasonable rates.
For example we have 3 Guidline set up for only 45$ per day or 60$ for the week end.
Guideline Steelhead / Salmon
DH LPXe 13' 8/9
LPXe Switch 11' 7/8
ELEVATE 13'6 8/9

For more information call us 250-635-0100

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Skeena Waters Fly Shop is a modern dedicated fly-fishing shop in Terrace, British Columbia. The many sport-fishing anglers will find all what they need to make successful their fishing adventure on the various waters of the Skeena river region and beyond. Shop at our store with confidence and expert advise. We offer best in class products from level entry to the high end fishing brands that will satisfy all needs not matter if you are a novice or a professional anglers needs. We are proud to carry some of the most innovative and finest brands in the fly fishing market like Hardy, Guideline, Fishpond, Redington, Hodgman, Columbia Sport Wear, RIO, Airflo, Echo and many others.

4717 Lakelse Avenue #118, Terrace BC.  Phone 250-635-0100



​Connor Sabo Fishing Reports

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connor sabo

Terrace, BC

Skeena Waters Fly Shop

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